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Kitasu theme by Ramyeons. You may edit this theme, but please do not remove the credits! Thank you ~
- Dita

Features :

  • 3 different post sizes (500px, 400px, 250px)
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Cute cursor
  • 4 extra links
  • Sidebar
  • Sidebar image
  • Sidebar Image Borders
  • Optional Image opacity
  • Decorated answer, audio and chat posts
  • Permalink
  • Optional show permalink
  • Title
  • Icon main nav
  • Slide out desc
  • Customizable top header
  • Text Shadow
  • Music Player
  • Corner Image 

Posts size guide :

There is still 3 post size options. In the Appearance section, there will be something like this:

When you choose a post size, only check off one.

Corner Image Guide:

In this theme, there is an option to put in a corner image. First, you will type either “right” or “left” depending on where you want your corner image to be in the box that says “Corner Image Location”. Then, upload your image. There is no auto resize, so please have your image ready.

Music Player Guide:

To include a music player in this theme, just paste your music player code in the text box where it says “Music Player Code.” To change the Music Player Icon, just change the image url i have put in the text box where it says “Music Player Icon”.

Kitasu by Ramyeons : Code ]